• The Growth Investor Awards 2016 Supplement is Published
  • Based upon a total of 103 entries and the thoughts of a panel of 39 expert judges and industry commentators


Opening Statement:

We know from our work in this area that many advisers are caught on the horns of a dilemma: they certainly understand the investment case for tax-efficient investments such as EIS and VCTs or estate planning using BPR, however for advisers who are new to the sector, or for advisers who only do small amounts of business in this area, it can be hard to know exactly “what good looks like”.

Without performance history, look-throughs to the underlying portfolios, analyst coverage, fund ratings, accredited training and one-stop-shops for all the relevant data, advising on alternatives may feel like a daunting task. However, many of these issues are now being addressed and it is easier than ever for advisers to acquire the information and skills they need to help them begin using alternative investments with confidence.

With that in mind, we have pulled together examples of best practice for this special publication. We wanted to showcase what some of the leading investment providers and advisers in this sector are doing. This publication will give our readers guidance on the sorts of things they should be looking for when selecting tax-efficient investment managers, and the sorts of things they could implement in their businesses to ensure they follow best practice.

In short, it will help them understand exactly “what good looks like”.

The examples we are going to share with you are from amongst the winners and runners-up at the 2016 Growth Investor Awards, and the opinions and comments that follow are taken from their entry forms and includes the input and views of the independent panel of 39 judges.

I hope you find this guide informative and useful.


Guy Tolhurst, Managing Director, Intelligent Partnership

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